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Boot Camp Curriculum!

NEXT BOOT CAMP: begins July, 2010 in Chicagoland.

Chicagoland will be the site of the next bankruptcy boot camp offered by National Bankruptcy College. The boot camp consists of daily training Monday thru Friday for four straight hours daily. Candidates are expected to use the remainder of each day to digest substantive bankruptcy materials and practice bankruptcy assignments. Boot camp lasts two full business weeks.

Advanced daily preparation is mandatory. This is not a lecture class. Boot camp is not a seminar. Boot camp is intensive hands-on training in a small group setting. You will be called upon to discuss issues orally in front of the group and practice your profession in front of other boot camp candidates.

Boot Camp Admission Process
Boot Camp Tuition

The Boot Camp Program at National Bankruptcy College covers the core fundamentals of consumer bankruptcy practice, but with more speed and less depth than the certification program. Attorneys will benefit from an engaging learning experience taught by a professor with more than 24 years of real-world legal experience — and who practices bankruptcy law on a daily basis.

Moreover, the classroom exposure to cutting edge bankruptcy related software will give bankruptcy certification candidates a competitive edge in today’s job market, providing them with practical knowledge of the bankruptcy case preparation and prosecution process.

Article I: Profitability of Practicing Bankruptcy

Article II: Career

Article III: Starting Your Own Practice

Article IV: Technology

Article V: Client In-take

ArticleVI: Bankruptcy Chapters

Article VII: Drafting Bankruptcy Schedule

Article VIII: Statements

Article IX: Chapter 13 Plan Drafting

Article X: Section 341 Meeting of Creditors

Article XI: Confirmation Hearings

Article XII: Chapter 13 Plan Drafting

Article XIII: Motion Practice–filed by Debtor’s Counsel

Article XIV: Motion Practice—Filed by Trustee

Article XV: Motion Practice—Filed by Creditor’s Counsel

  1. No pay post-petition mortgage payments
  2. No pay taxes
  3. No Pay insurance
  4. Debtor is NOT a mortgagor
  1. Secured amount listed in plan is inaccurate
  2. Interest rate provided in plan is insufficient
  3. Fixed monthly plan payment is insufficient
  4. Pre-confirmation adequate protection payment is insufficient

Article XVI: Creditor Objections to Plan Confirmation

Article XVII: Debtor’s Objections to Proofs of Claim Filed by Creditors

Article XVIII: Pre-Filing Requirements

Article XIX: Post-Filing Requirements

Article XX: Role Playing

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