National Bankruptcy CollegeBankruptcy Certification Program:

Program Curriculum!

The Bankruptcy Certification Program at National Bankruptcy College covers the core fundamentals of consumer bankruptcy practice. Attorneys will benefit from an engaging learning experience taught by a professor with 24 years of real-world legal experience— and who practices bankruptcy law on a daily basis.

Moreover, the classroom exposure to cutting edge bankruptcy related software will give bankruptcy certification candidates a competitive edge in today’s job market, providing them with practical knowledge of the bankruptcy case preparation and prosecution process.

Article I: Profitability of Practicing Bankruptcy

Article II: Career

Article III: Starting Your Own Practice

Article IV: Technology

Article V: Client In-take

ArticleVI: Bankruptcy Chapters

Article VII: Drafting Bankruptcy Schedule

Article VIII: Statements

Article IX: Chapter 13 Plan Drafting

Article X: Section 341 Meeting of Creditors

Article XI: Confirmation Hearings

Article XII: Chapter 13 Plan Drafting

Article XIII: Motion Practice–filed by Debtor’s Counsel

Article XIV: Motion Practice—Filed by Trustee

Article XV: Motion Practice—Filed by Creditor’s Counsel

  1. No pay post-petition mortgage payments
  2. No pay taxes
  3. No Pay insurance
  4. Debtor is NOT a mortgagor
  1. Secured amount listed in plan is inaccurate
  2. Interest rate provided in plan is insufficient
  3. Fixed monthly plan payment is insufficient
  4. Pre-confirmation adequate protection payment is insufficient

Article XVI: Creditor Objections to Plan Confirmation

Article XVII: Debtor’s Objections to Proofs of Claim Filed by Creditors

Article XVIII: Pre-Filing Requirements

Article XIX: Post-Filing Requirements

Article XX: Role Playing

Article XXI: Adversary Proceedings

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