National Bankruptcy CollegeBankruptcy Certification Program:


  1. National Bankruptcy College is NOT a law firm and does not provide legal opinions or render legal services. Instead, National Bankruptcy Counsel is a for-profit business whose mission includes the education of lawyers in the substantive and procedural aspects of bankruptcy law.

  2. National Bankruptcy College is an unincorporated business owned by Robert Schaller.

  3. Scholarships are awarded by National Bankruptcy College at its sole and exclusive discretion.

  4. A candidate who contracts with National Bankruptcy College will be provided educational knowledge only. No person or entity contracting with National Bankruptcy College will be receiving employment and/or a job offer.

  5. National Bankruptcy College is not licensed by any state and is not accredited by any accreditation organization. Instead, the Bankruptcy Certification Program was designed by an attorney for an attorney, preaching "Practice Makes Perfect."

  6. Program subject to cancellation or termination at any time. No refunds shall be given.

  7. National Bankruptcy College is not affiliated with NBC TV or the National Broadcast Corporation.

  8. National Bankruptcy College reserves the right, without notice, to change requirements for admission or graduation; the arrangement, time, credit, or content of courses; the books or materials to be used; the tuition or other fees charged; the regulations affecting candidates; or any and all other matters relating to the bankruptcy certification program.

  9. But if you possess a heartfelt desire to build a respected legal career, along with the vision and drive to succeed, please Contact Us for further information or click ADMISSION PROCESS to apply to the Certification Program and the $5,000 Scholarship.