National Bankruptcy CollegeBankruptcy Certification Program:

Certification Requirements

No prior bankruptcy training or experience is required to apply to the Bankruptcy Certification Program. However, to earn the Bankruptcy Certification from the National Bankruptcy College, candidates must complete 160 credit hours of time-intensive, full-submersion, accelerated training designed for those attorneys who want to master the art of consumer bankruptcy practice. Candidates are expected to take at least one course per term and must complete the program within one year. All courses carry 40 credit hours.

In order to receive the Bankruptcy Certification, a candidate must attend class, pass exams, and actively participate in discussions and interactive role-playing. Practicing what is taught is essential to earning the certification.

All classes meet for 8 hours each day, Monday through Friday with breaks throughout the day. A lunch break is also included. The Bankruptcy Certification is only awarded to candidates who take all of the required courses listed below:

Class 101: Bankruptcy Fundamentals (40 credit hours) (prerequisite: none)

Class 201: Advanced Bankruptcy Theory and Practice (40 credit hours) (prerequisite: Class 101)

Class 301: Bankruptcy Motion Practice (40 credit hours) (prerequisite: Class 101, Class 201)

Class 401: Bankruptcy Courtroom Tactics (40 credit hours) (prerequisite: Class 101, Class 201, Class 301)



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