National Bankruptcy CollegeBankruptcy Certification Program:

$5,000 Scholarship

Full-time candidates seeking Bankruptcy Certification from the Group Program are eligible to apply for a limited number of partial-tuition scholarships. Each of these scholarships has a $5,000 value. Candidates receiving the scholarship would have their tuition reduced from $94 per credit hour to $63 per credit hour or from $14,995 to $9,995 for the complete 160-hour Bankruptcy Certification Program.

To be eligible for the scholarship, a candidate must apply by completing the SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION and be a full-time candidate from the Group Program who prepays the full tuition (less the scholarship) for the complete 160-hour Bankruptcy Certification Program at the time of registration. Sorry, scholarships are NOT available for boot-camp candidates, part-time candidates or Executive Program candidates. Click here to learn more about the $5,000 scholarship.

If you possess a heartfelt desire to build a respected legal career, along with the vision and drive to succeed, then take the first step and Contact Us for further information or click ADMISSION PROCESS to apply to the Certification Program and the $5,000 Scholarship.